M4 DATA (India) Ltd - Tape Drive Data Storage Solutions
  • System and network backup
  • Archiving of corporate records
  • PC, workstation file transfers to and from mainframe system tape libraries
  • Data acquisition in medical, and Government agencies
  • Telecomms message billing systems
  • Off-line print spool output to high speed printers
  • Seismic and Geophysical exploration data acquisition and processing
  • File transfer to control plotters, NMC tooling equipment
  • Off-site disaster recovery
  • Hardware
    Pentium & up ward systems
    RAM :8 MB
    HDD: 1 GB
  • Operating Systems
    Win NT
    Mac OS

M4 Data Ltd is a UK based company, manufacturing "Half inch Magnetic Tape drives". M4 Data has the Corporate Head Quarters in UK, along with the Research & Development and two production facilities. M4 Data designs and manufactures these tape drive products. We manufacture 9 track tape drives for Storagetek-USA with whom we have strategic relationship. We also sell STK(Storagetek) tape Library products in India. These include the large Tape libraries with IBM3480/3490E industry standard as well as latest DLT-4000/7000 drives.


Twin Peaks M490E Tape Drive (1.2 GB) & M4490L Autolibrary (36 GB)

The M490E tape drive, part of the Twin Peak series from M4 has been specifically designed to meet the needs of contemporary operating environments and to cater for tomorrow. Using 36-track 1/2 inch cartridges, it brings outstanding performance and IBM-endorsed 3490E mainframe technology to midrange and workstation users, at a much lower price and a compact 8 inch form factor.

M490L Autolibrary is robust, fast, high-capacity backup designed for mission-critical applications. With M490L you can now have easy, automatic access to 15 standard 1/2-inch data cartridges, providing all the benefits of true mainframe class backup and hierarchical data storage management (HSM) at entry-level prices and in desktop space.

We support all popular interfaces. SCSI - I , Super SCSI & Fast/Wide SCSI.

9-Track round/reel Tape Drives

  • Model. M9906 ( 1600/3200 BPI) & M9906G (1600/6250 BPI)
  • Model. M9914 ( 800/1600/3200/6250 BPI)

The M9906 model is auto-loading, self-threading, full-function, 9-track drive, designed for data interchange and backup. This is suitable for Telecom applications. The M9914 model is for the round the clock, rugged application with intense use like Seismic application, large data application in Banks etc.

Supports all popular interfaces. Right from the old Pertec/Cipher interface to SCSI - I , Super SCSI & Fast SCSI.

M4 Data drives have direct connectivity to all major systems like IBM RS/6000, AS/400, ES/9000, Silicon Graphics Inc, SUN, HP, Digital, ICL, Unisys & Motorola.

M4 Data Ltd. has appointed ECIL ( Electronic Corporation of India Ltd.) for Warranty support in India. The warranty support is at Hyderabad. Out warranty support and extended warranty support is available at charge.

DLT (Digital Linear Tape) drives

  • DLT-2000 (10 GB/ 20 GB)
  • DLT-4000 (20 GB/ 40 GB)
  • DLT-7000 (35 GB/ 70 GB)
The DLT drives are also available in Library forms too.

All drives are with SCSI interface both Single ended and differential and they are available in Rack mount or Table top models.

Our Major users in India include:

  • Ecil, Hcl-HP, Wipro Infotech, Wipro GE, ONGC, CMC,
  • Tata Elexi, Silicon Graphics, NRSA, Axes Technology,
  • Amtrek - Delhi.
For more information about our products visit http://www.m4data.com

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